Press Invitation

Third Anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

International Nuclear Energy Consultant, Representative of Japanese Citizens’ Organization and Independent Journalist Visiting Hong Kong For People’s Energy Forum

Press Invitation

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima occurred three years ago but the crisis is hardly over, and the public has not stopped to campaign for an end to the use of nuclear power. Even though the long-term impact of the disaster should never be under-estimated, the problem of nuclear power is not only the catastrophes caused by accidents. There are also other problems, such as the environmental and health impact of the nuclear power plants during their normal operation. Since her appointment in 2012 as Under-Secretary for the Environment, Christine Loh has been grooming the press on how nuclear power helps to combat the problem of air pollution. The government announced recently that a consultation paper on future fuel mix would soon be published, and CLP Power disclosed that it had reached a deal to raise the import of nuclear power from the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station by 10% in the next 5 years. It is a regret that some political parties have acted in concert with the government and CLP Power to ensure that Hong Kong becomes more dependent on nuclear power.

To explore more in depth the problem of the nuclear industry and the zero-nuclear plans proposed by people around the world (including Japan) in preparation for the final phase-out of nuclear power, we have invited the following guests to speak on the People’s Energy Forum on “Nuclear Power: an Obstacle to Renewables and Sustainability?” Your reporters and photographers are cordially invited to cover the event. The speakers are also available for exclusive interviews during their stay in Hong Kong. For enquiries or interview appointments, please contact Miss Lau of Globalization Monitor, one of the organizers of the People’s Energy Forum. (Tel: 65817426; Email:


People’s Energy Forum

Nuclear Power: an Obstacle to Renewables and Sustainability?

Date: 9th March 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 1:30pm-6:30pm

Venue: Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Y301)


1. International Post-Fukushima Developments on Nuclear and Renewable Energies.

– Mycle Schneider, International Nuclear Power and Energy Expert

2. The Green Movement After Fukushima

– Wolfgang Pomrehn, German journalist and writer on energy and climate issues

3. Citizen’s Struggles Against Nuclear Power in Japan After Fukushima

– Shoko Murakami, Coordinator of Citizens’Committee on Nuclear Energy

For details of the People’s Energy Forum, please see:

For the detail of our speakers:

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